To portray a distinct point of view beyond the generic.

Writing has never been my strong point, but I persevere because I’ve been able to witness amazing things, and although a picture can capture a moment, I want to encapsulate what I have seen and been involved in for someone. Although this blog started for other reasons, it has developed to become what you see now. I am sure that in time it will adapt again, but at the moment I would like to be able to showcase my travel photography in a way that helps people learn the things I’ve learnt, and feel the things I’ve felt.

I have a creative background starting from a young age and developing through College and Kingston University. Since leaving full time education I have worked as a freelancer and in a design studio as an Illustrator, Designer, Art director and Photographer. In the last year I have specialised in photography and art direction for some private, travel and commercial photoshoots. For some examples of my work please have a look at my portfolio, which is currently being redesigned. In time it would be wonderful to both travel and work in the field that I love, and that begins here.

If you like or are interested in anything on my blog please leave a comment or alternatively, get in touch and say hello!