Cherry blossom, or Sakura, is a widely recognised iconic symbol for Japan. Not only is it found on a plethora of traditional Japanese goods, but it is also important to Japanese culture because it is a representation of new life. In winter everything dies, and the return of life begins in spring, when the blossom first emerges again. Cherry blossom has a very short lifespan, and for the Japanese this reflects back to their Buddhist beliefs. Transience of life is what makes it valuable, everything in its own way is fragile. And we all know that nothing lasts forever. Not only valuable, but it makes you appreciate what you have, or what you could have had if you seized the moment.

For me last year, was a year of trying to accumulate all the lost time and chances, everything I’d ever said ‘I wish’ to, I would try to achieve. Naturally that is a lot of wishing, and you can’t take back something you never had. But I gained and learnt so much. Just try it, try saying yes to every invite, every outing, every opportunity for something, anything. There might be a guy who you’d normally say no to, but this time try for his and your sake, say yes. I’m not in any way condoning silly behaviour and you know yourselves better than anyone else, but stop restricting yourself. Stop worrying about everyone else and let go, let it all go. Japan was the pivot point in my life. One day I decided to stop saying no and then started looking ahead and planning for what was to come.

Pick somewhere and make it yours.