Much to my ignorance I’d never considered or even thought about visiting Montenegro. It was when I was window shopping, that I found flights for £60.

This small country is nestled between Croatia, Serbia and Albania. None of which might I add, rank highly in the must see places of the world. Choosing to fly out of season anywhere will reduce your flight prices, but for Montenegro it was all the more real when accommodation prices are also so affordable. Excluding prices, the accommodation is exceptional. I implore anyone who is looking for a short break to delve into the vast resources of Airbnb. Not only do you integrate with the locals learning a bit of culture and a few short cuts, but you get a less clinical more realistic and actual taste of the country, by not experiencing the same standard brand of hotel and hostel environment. I mean as an example, the first night on my trip in Montenegro, we stayed in.. a MUSHROOM. Pretty awesome, right?!


Right, so what do you know about this country? I’d like to hope that you know more than I did, because quite frankly, I knew nothing. Mountains, canyons, meandering rivers, beaches, forests, lakes, the list is absolutely endless and this is not just your average British lake or beach. Breathtaking views, colours, and aesthetics start just a short drive from the airport.

Being stuck consistently with someone you haven’t spent a lot of time with, has its complications. You don’t know where you stand with similarities and interests. Not forgetting that there was a reasonable amount of disagreement of what to do and where to stop. Countless times I would plead to pull over, to take an iconic shot of the sun breaking over the canyon. The shots may have come out entirely different to how I’d imagined but the opportunity was missed. My fear of putting someone else out, in turn ended up pulling me back. I’m going to try and give a bit of selfish advice, don’t be afraid to break away. You’ll always be left thinking you could have done more. By giving each other space you will appreciate each other more and get more out of your trip! It’s all very well saying this, sat behind a laptop, at home on my bed. But it is one of the reasons I started this blog, so I can’t forget what I’d hoped for. The whole point is to get what you want out of your vacation.