This winding bay, has plenty to offer, whether fishing, monuments, hikes or relaxing in a bar by the coast. To my amazement, the landscapes colour and tones changed more frequently than I can say. If it rained the water would run down into the sea and change it to a deep green, but on a clear day, the water would settle and turn crystal blue. Our property was rented through Airbnb, and unlike any other travels if I was ever to return, I would stay in exactly the same places as before. Getting involved with the locals is something I’ve always said to myself to do, however sometimes it can be daunting. Airbnb, automatically breaks down that wall. You are, at times, sharing someone’s home. They will tend for you like they tend for their family, and it’s wonderful. The family we stayed with in Kotor had relatives living nearby who owned a boat. For the basic fuel cost, we were out all day escorted to wherever we desired.

During the boat journey, we stopped to dock on one of two little islets within the bay. One houses a monastery that tourists can enter and visit and the other is a more privately owned island. Luckily for us the captain took us to the latter, this enabled us to fly the drone, hassle-free and gain a new perspective on the two islets. It was really interesting observing coaches of people try to squeeze into the tiny monument, whilst we were witnessing the whole thing at our own pace and noise free from above. I’ve always said that I’m not overly keen on being one of many tourists, and in some places it’s unavoidable, but it’s a thing of beauty when you can get away from it all.