The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the largest and important mosques in the country and I can understand why. The structure that contains around 1,000 columns and over 80 domes, can be seen from miles away. The radiating white reflects the sun and really adds an aura to the building.

Being female, it made our visit a little trickier. Unless you are covered from head to toe, you will be required to go underground and acquire a burka, which is not enjoyable in the humid heat we experienced. We also encountered issues with where we were allowed to go, and I’m not entirely sure whether that was because of our gender or because we were tourists. As a visitor, I would recommend getting there as early as possible, I think the mosque wasn’t due to open until 9, and we arrived at about quarter to 8, waiting a little bit wasn’t ideal, but we were granted access at 8:30 and as you can see from my images, we were the only visitors at this time. It really helped me appreciate where I was and absorb the atmosphere, the quiet and vacancy of tourists allowed the chanting from the prayer halls to leak out through the columns.