Hastings May Day bank holidays seem to bring everyone out to the streets. I had an amazing time walking around and surrounding myself with such happy people. Whether it was the alcohol or the additional day off, everyone was truly, very happy. Although the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been the past few days, the air was filled with the roar of motorcycles driving by and bellowing laughter from the doorway of every pub. Noses were dotted with green paint and you had the occasional couple who would dress especially for the occasion, and there were those who just took the opportunity to spend the day out as a family. I even saw some dogs doing their part, with one in particular that stood out with pigtails and a painted forehead. I’m sure she didn’t volunteer herself for the hair-do, but it was cute nonetheless.


The highlight of my day was to finally visit a small cafe in the middle of the old town. In the past few months I have been coming to hastings a lot more, and have constantly said how I would like to sit inside the Hanushka Coffee House. The cafes walls are lined with books, and a really nice aroma of freshly made coffee. Normally outside are a few tables and chairs, but today they also had some freshly made food. Being vegetarian I couldn’t sample any of the traditional Polish stew and Polish sausage, but it did look amazing and it was a very popular stall along the busy street. What made it a nicer experience for myself was the friendly staff. As a girl on her own, they made me feel very welcome without being intrusive.

Whilst outside the coffee house, I also got speaking to four very peculiar but nice gentlemen. All of which had very interesting personalities, and a sweet old man who had a sketchbook filled with photographs of his watercolor and oil paintings. The four characters strike me as very typical ageing men, all full of laugher and some quick witted replies. Exactly what I like when interacting with people, something to take away and remember. And sadly, as nice as they were I had to leave after spending nearly an hour with them to continue my little exploration in search for some other imagery.